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Single Market Entrepreneurs

In collaboration with our friends at Google, the Lisbon Council is launching a new Centre of Excellence, entitled Single Market Entrepreneurs Centre. In a nutshell, it consists of a dedicated research programme and high-level, policy-driven community of entrepreneurs, small businesses, policy makers and thought leaders. The overall aim is to enhance the visibility, recognise the importance and underline the transformational nature of entrepreneurs and medium-sized companies. Some of our work will, for instance, focus on helping SMEs reap the immense advantages of doing more business within Europe’s €12,3 trillion internal market – and create more growth, jobs and prosperity for all Europeans at a moment when we can surely use it.

As we all know, SMEs account for 99% of European companies, two-thirds of total employment and virtually all net job creation. In times of fiscal constraints and sluggish growth prospects for the coming years, small- and medium-sized companies are uniquely positioned to help drive forward innovation, accelerate adoption of new technologies and business platforms and tap into EU’s single market of 500 million consumers. Personally, I believe that there has never been a better time to be an entrepreneur and that ‘small’ is an asset in today’s economy, where speed, agility and user-centricity are key comparative advantages. Against this backdrop – and to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Single Market – the SME Centre will highlight the tangible benefits of EU integration and celebrate the important role that entrepreneurs and innovators play in creating a more dynamic Europe. Activities will start later this spring, and will be featured on our dedicated website

The Single Market Entrepreneurs Centre will be officially announced on Tuesday, 24 January at an event that Google is hosting on Single Market Opportunity: Getting Europe’s SMEs Online.


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