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EU 2020: Innovating Indicators

With the reflection on EU 2020 in full swing, this e-brief weighs into the debate with an analysis about the political economy of indicators, as well as concrete recommendations on targets for the EU’s new economic blueprint. “Innovating Indicators: Choosing the Right Targets for EU 2020” is a unique reflection on how to measure and… » read more

Posted by Ann Mettler

Today, the European Commission is launching a consultation on the EU 2020 strategy, the successor to the Lisbon Agenda. With Lisbon’s deadline in the year 2010 quickly approaching, there is now a unique opportunity to review and improve this vital policy programme and lay a strong foundation for the new EU 2020 strategy. To be… » read more

Posted by Ann Mettler

Light at the end of the tunnel

Finally, a vision. Finally, a return to policy. Finally, a credible attempt to solve the pressing issues of our times, from overcoming recession and fighting climate change, to strengthening employment and getting public finances back in order. President Barroso’s “political guidelines for the next Commission,” published last Thursday, present a welcome step towards something resembling… » read more

Posted by Ann Mettler